1961 Jaguar Mk2 Saloon For Hire in Warwickshire

GBP 240 for 1 day, 480 - 2 days, 720 - 4 days, 1,200 - 7 days
0845 070 5142 (local) or 07803 209 636 (mobile)


Our Jaguar Mk2 was equipped from new with Power Assisted Steering and has a 3 speed Borg Warner DG automatic gearbox.  The brakes on Mk2s were always very good, with disks on all four wheels and servo assisted from the start, but the brakes on this Mk2 have been upgraded with Coopercraft 4 pot calipers on the front.


We bought this in March 2014 to replace the Mk2 we had been hiring out for the past 10 years which did not have power steering and had the early Moss gearbox with no synchromesh on 1st gear and weak synchro on 2nd gear. Changing gear without grinding the gears was an art which took a while to master.


When the MK2 Jaguars were made in the 1960s they were among the best sporting saloons available and were offered in three engine sizes; 2.4, 3.4 and 3.8 litres. Shortly after taking over the Daimler Company, Jaguar made a Daimler version of the Mk2 using the same body and very similar interior, but swapping the engine for the 2.5 litre version of the Daimler V8 engine.  This V8 engine is less powerful than the 3.4 or 3.8 litre Jaguar XK engines but more powerful and much smoother than the 2.4 litre XK version.  Most of the Daimler V8s were fitted with automatic gearboxes and power steering, being the luxury end of the product range.


Our Mark 2 Jaguar is one of the early ones, made in February 1961 and fitted with a free revving 3.4 litre engine which was re-built in 2013 having only done 1,500 miles when we bought it in March 2014.  Its 3 speed automatic gearbox makes it much easier to drive than a Mk2 with the manual Moss gearbox.  The brakes are excellent having disks on all four wheels, upgraded 4 pot callipers on the front and servo assistance.  The car is as it left the Jaguar factory in Browns Lane in Coventry in Imperial Maroon with a red leather interior and enough woodwork to furnish the average dining room or gentleman's club.  


The Jaguar Mk2 is a full four door, four seater car and despite being over 50 years old can still keep pace with modern traffic and is an excellent drive.  Although it was built before seat belts were fitted as standard, it has three point static seat belts in the front and we have fitted inertia reel seat belts in the rear to keep you safe in your seats. It is also fitted with modern radial tyres to keep it safely on the road (when it was made crossply tyres were standard).  


One of the latest 'fashionable' controls on modern cars is a separate start button.  The justification is that now, instead of a key the car can be unlocked using a key card which can stay in your pocket.  So the electrics all come on as soon as you sit in the car and you just press Start.  Isn't this a truly wonderful innovation? 


Not when you consider that our 1961 Mark II Jaguar has a Start Button.  OK it doesn't have the electronics to read a key card in your pocket but a Start Button is nothing new.  So if you want one of the latest gizmos then hire our Mark II and just press Start.


In a TV News poll published in 2004, the Jaguar MkII beat all of James Bond's Aston Martins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Italian Job's Mini Coopers in a poll to mark the launch of the Post Office's new motor insurance.  When deciding which car they would prefer to drive, people over the age of 50 picked Inspector Morse's Jaguar MkII, while those in their 20s went for the faster Aston Martin V12 from the James Bond film Die Another Day.   So whether you fancy playing the part of a 1960s villain, or Inspector Morse, you will be both comfortable and safe in our Jaguar Mk2.

Jaguar Mk II Hire

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Jaguar Mark II (4 seats) 






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For Inspector Morse fans we include copies of two small books in the information pack that goes out with our Jaguar Mark2.
If you want to buy copies of these books, then we can supply them at 12.00 for the pair, including p&p. 


  The Oxford of Inspector Morse by Antony Richards and Philip Attwell. This book is the original guide to the various Oxford locations most associated with the books and television productions of Inspector Morse. You will need to park up somewhere suitable and use the book as a guide for a walking tour.

  Inspector Morse on Location by Antony Richards. This book gives details of over 60 locations that are most associated with the television productions of Inspector Morse. This is a must if you fancy having lunch or a drink in one of the pubs used in the series. 

The Oxford of Inspector Morse and Inspector Morse on Location

Haynes Great Cars - Jaguar Mark 1 & 2 
24.99 inc P&P

A beautifully produced book, covering all models from the original 2.4 and 3.4 litre Mark 1s to the very last of the 340 and 380 versions of the Mark 2.

Haynes Great Car Series - Jaguar Mark 1 & 2

The Essential Buyer's Guide - Jaguar Mark 1 & 2  
11.99 inc P&P

Having a Buyer's Guide in your pocket is just like having a real marque expert by your side. Benefit from the author's years of knowledge and experience. Packed with good advice - from running costs, paperwork, vital statistics, valuation and the Jaguar Community; right through to whether or not a Mark 2 will fit in your garage and your lifestyle.

This is the COMPLETE GUIDE to choosing, assessing and buying the Jaguar Mark 2 of your dreams.

The Essential Buyer's Guide - Jaguar Mark 1 & 2


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