1996 Caterham Super 7 For Hire in Warwickshire

GBP 240 for 1 day, 480 - 2 days, 720 - 4 days, 1,200 - 7 days
0845 070 5142 (local) or 07803 209 636 (mobile)

Built at the Caterham factory in 1996, this Caterham Super 7 is equipped with a Vauxhall 16v 2 litre engine giving about 180 bhp through a 5 speed gearbox.  Like all Caterhams it has superb road holding with true seat of the pants motoring as you are only about 3 to 4 inches off the ground.


This car was specially built for its first owner who planned to use it in all weathers. So unlike the Caterham Superlight cars, it does actually have a heater fitted which means we can hire it out most of the year.  As there isn't room to install heater vents to clear the windscreen it has a heated windscreen - a feature you won't normally find when hiring a classic sports car.


To make entry and exit into the narrow cockpit easier, it is fitted with the optional removable steering wheel.



Caution Hot External ExhaustCaution Hot Exhaust 


The car has an external exhaust which runs along the left hand side of the car from the engine to just  in front of the rear wheel.  This gets very hot (as exhausts do) so make sure the person getting in and out of the passenger seat does not touch this.  When we hand the car over we will show you the best way to climb in and out of the Caterham, avoiding the exhaust.  Also warn anyone who may be leaning in from the left to view the cockpit. 



Like all Caterhams, this is a very small car with very minimalist fittings.  Instead of doors it has a pair of removable side screens which swing away for entry and exit, and are held in place with popper studs.  The car has leather seats with headrests, and four point harnesses fitted for safety.


The car does have a hood which can be fitted if needed, but due to the design of the hood and the aerodynamics of the Caterham, if driven in the rain, even with the hood up, water enters the cockpit and the occupants will get wet.  Because of this, once you have made a booking to hire the car, we will allow you to re-schedule if the local weather forecast is for rain.




Height and weight restrictions  

  • The cockpit can best be described as cosy and anyone over 6ft 2in tall (1.88m) or weighing more than 16st (224 lbs, 102 kilos) will probably not fit in the car. (I weigh 14st, 196 lbs, 89 Kilos and in shirtsleeves the cockpit is comfortable.  In my leather flying jacket, it is a very snug fit!)
  • The pedals are both narrow and very close together so the driver will need to wear very narrow shoes or trainers.
  • There is very limited luggage storage space, just enough space for one small holdall under the tonneau cover, with enough room for a small handbag and a map in the passenger compartment.


Caterham Super 7 Hire

Daily Hire Rate (9am to 8pm)

4 Day Hire Rate

7 Day Hire Rate

Insurance Excess

Caterham Super 7 (2 seats) 

Including unlimited mileage






Additional Driver (any car)

25 per Day

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