1974 Triumph TR6 Convertible For Hire in Warwickshire

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Built from 1969 to 1976 the Triumph TR6 was the last incarnation of the separate chassis, TR range of Triumph sports cars. The body was re-designed by Karmann of Germany, although the centre section and doors remained the same as on the Triumph TR4, TR4A and TR5 models.


The Triumph TR5 and TR6 were the first UK production sports cars with Petrol Injection using the same 2.5 litre engine that was fitted to the Triumph 2.5 PI saloon.  From 1969 to 1972 the engine developed 150 bhp in the TR6s, but this proved problematical in town traffic, suffering from rough running. So for 1972 the engine was de-tuned to 125 bhp to make it much smoother and easier to drive. This straight six, 2.5 litre engine superseded the old four cylinder engine that had been used in all models from the TR2 and TR3 through to the TR4A.


The Lucas Petrol Injection did not meet the US emission control regulations, so US cars had the 2,500 cc engine but it was equipped with twin Stromberg carburettors and only produced about 104 bhp. The TR5 was sold as the Triumph 250 with twin Strombergs.


The interior remained similar to the TR4A and TR5 with a walnut dash and good quality trim. The gearbox has synchromesh on all four gears and is fitted with overdrive that works on 3rd and 4th gears giving the TR6 six gears.

Our Triumph TR6 was the subject of a complete body off restoration from 1988 through the early 1990s.  The chassis was stripped down and re-painted, the suspension rebuilt, all four wings replaced and the body repainted in its original colour of Mimosa Yellow. The engine was rebuilt and the unreliable Lucas fuel pump replaced with a modern Bosch one.  The car won the Moss award for Best TR at the 1993 Classic Sportscar Show and had covered less than 5,000 miles between then and when we bought it in 2001.



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Haynes Great Cars - Triumph TR 
24.99 inc P&P

A beautifully produced book, published in 2003 covering all models from the Triumph TR2 through to the TR6.  The last of the traditional sports cars.

Haynes Great Cars - Triumph TR

The Essential Buyer's Guide - Triumph TR6
11.99 inc P&P
(currently awaiting stock from the publishers)

Having a Buyer's Guide in your pocket is just like having a real marque expert by your side. Benefit from the author's years of knowledge and experience. Packed with good advice - from running costs, paperwork, vital statistics, valuation and the Triumph Community; right through to whether or not a Triumph TR6 will fit in your garage and your lifestyle.

This is the COMPLETE GUIDE to choosing, assessing and buying the Triumph TR6 of your dreams.

The Essential Guyer's Guide - Triumph TR6


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